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a business leader, a public sector leader, and a social sector leader," he said to Xinhuanet on the sideline of▓ the ongoing China Development Forum. In order to become thought partners on comp

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etitivess policies, it is their responsibility to▓ work and cooperate with the governments, Barton added. According to a December 2009 McKinsey survey, a majority of executives and other business lea

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ders do not regard their companies鈥檈ngagement with government to be effective. On the future development of China and the world, he suggested China to also look at export▓s to countries i

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n Latin America and Africa while doing much with the U.S. and other western nations. "It's lots of opportunities in these areas." Speaking of international trade and economic restructuring,

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he pointed out the world should get a better understanding of the complexity of global economy, stressing "it's not one c▓ountry competing with another." On Mckinsey

's own developmen▓t in face of globalization, Barton said, "It is a ▓global world, we are not identified with one country, we are in▓ every country. "We think that there are a lot of global issues that we should be involved in, not just

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